Posted by: kamaruzamanomar | June 30, 2008

How To Grow and Success ?

Dear Friend,Now that you have found this website. You will begin to learn a few secrets of how to make your money work harder for you. Unit trust is just one of the favourite tools for investors to quickly increase and grow their wealth. Some call it Mutual Trust. It’s the same thing, same flavour. Investing in Unit Trust is simple, easy and safe. You just need to learn more about the fundamentals before taking the next step.

Here in this Unit Trust Investment blog, you will begin to learn the basics of Unit Trust. What it is all about. Different types of Unit Trust. Which one is suitable for you. How much and when to invest in it. And much more.
Imagine once you have learned the fundamentals of Unit Trust, you will be thinking to yourself, ‘My! Why didn’t I start this earlier?’ That’s what you will be saying a lot right after you read from this site how we can all make some money from Unit Trust.

Make your money work harder for you, not you for the money.

You surely have always been interested in making your money work harder than just keeping it in Fixed Deposit (FD). That’s the reason you are here.

Do you want to continue earning 3.7% from FD? Or slightly above 5% from your EPF contribution? How about picturing this, 10-50% per annum from Unit Trust! It is absolutely



! I am sure you would want to get more than 3% return from your investment. 5%, 10% and even up to 50% per annum. You will see how to continue to push your money to work harder. You can start with Unit Trust investment to see those kind of returns every year.You may have been reading up a lot on investment and are still continuing to read, study and learn about investment. It’s a bit complicating if you are just starting out. You may want to go into other things like stocks,


properties, gold

or others. It’s okay if you really know what you are doing. But, if you are a beginner and don’t quite know how to invest your hard earned money, let me share with you about this wonderful tool, Unit Trust, on Of course, you will also learn about other types of investment here to compare with Unit Trust investment.Learn The Secrets Of Wealth

You will quickly learn from this Unit Trust Blog the things that I have shared with many of my friends and relatives. Secrets to making your money working harder and of course to make you wealthier.

You have seen many who are in


debts and of course many others that are very wealthy. You may have been thinking, they must be doing something right with their money. That’s why they are rich! Now, you too can learn the secrets. You too can benefit from their secrets to become wealthy.

Kamaruzaman Omar

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