Posted by: kamaruzamanomar | June 29, 2008

Kenapa Anda Perlu Sertainya

Financial planning is a a very pfofesional job. It requires high level of social skills, and also technical knowledge. Don’t ever look down on this professional. This magnificent job is just as profesional as a doctor, lawyer or others.

When you engaged a professional service, it normally involves a professional fee. And some specialists charge for the performance of job, not on the result of their work. For example, a brain surgeon charges thousands ringgit for a procedure that doesn’t guarantee 100% success rate. The patient still need to pay whether the surgery is successful or not.

But as a financial planner, most of the time we give advice free of charge. We ask people to save, to invest, to protect and manage their wealth wisely. My clients become richer, not poorer. When my client is severely ill, I send money, a lot of money. We ought to be welcome everywhere.

The best part about this career is that you work as an entrepreneur, not an employee. You can do recruitment, build your sales force and prosper as a solid business with long term customer base. The more people you train to be successful, the more successful you are. That is the beauty of this professional!


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