Posted by: kamaruzamanomar | June 29, 2008

Jadi Ejen Unit Trust

 Full and part-time positions available

Why Would You Want To Be A Unit Trust Consultant?Because you deserve to have a well-paid and fullfilling career in an industry that is enjoying explosive growth in Malaysia.Join a profession that offers you personal and financial freedom.A multi-billion ringgit industry. Yet vast untapped potential in Malaysia compared to UK as shown in unit trusts equity penetration rate below. Grab the opportunity now. Don’t procrastinate. Any enquiry sms / call Kamal 019-2828 264

Why No.1 Malaysian Unit Trust Company?If you are married and have a son or daughter in school. You may not say to your kid, “Son, go to school and get no. 6, 7 or 10 etc in class”. You will say “study smart and hard and get no. 1 in class”. Thus, why choose no. 2, 3, 4 etc when the no.1 is waiting and open for you.Consistent performance and proven track record are there. If you want to buy durian, don’t choose the bad one. Choose the good one and you won’t regret. So don’t buy fund that are not performing*.On top of that, we’ll support you with a suite of financial planning and sales tools as well as best-in-class training. The company will also subsidise you for pursuing Chartered Financial Planning (CFP) programme, if you meet certain sales target.—————————————————————————————————————————Bright FutureYour success as a unit trust consultant depends upon your desire to excel.Fast track consultant can achieve the highest rank of an agent as Mutual Fund Group Agency Manager (MFGAM) in one year and three months. It took many years to become a General Manager or a CEO of a company.I knew many companies out there, that many if not all of their management staff struggle to become a CEO of the company, but unfortunately the CEO would normally will be picked up from outside of the company. Very true right! Here you don’t have to worry on that. If you work smart enough, you will be the MFGAM. No one from nowhere will come and become your boss. For those who hate traffic jam, you can even have your office right in front of your house if you want. Other CEOs don’t have this privilege.Furthermore, besides your sales commission, your staff (downline) performance will also contribute to your income directly. You will also get indirect commissions that consist of 5 levels i.e.Year-end bonusBreakway bonusEqualisation bonusCareer benefitsProfit sharing.So far, I knew only 2 levels of extra benefits that you will get if you work for company (in general) i.e. yearly bonus and Employee Share Option Scheme if any. So, don’t wait for too long.There are more to come. You can fly to Hokkaido, Japan or Vietnam for FREE vacation if your sales is greater than RM2.3m or RM850k (RM570k for new agent) respectively by the end of Dec 2007.So hurry up. The faster you become a consultant, the easier and longer period for you to achieve the sales target.—————————————————————————————————————————Where to Start?If you are at least 21 years of age, possess a degree or at least SPM qualification and have strong business contacts, ask Kamal 019-3652433I am willing to help.To speed up the application, kindly prepare the following documents:A copy of your bank statement or front page of your savings passbook (we accept only Public Bank)Two copies of your IC.Six copies of your passport-size colour photo.A copy of your relevant certificate of examination e.g. your degree, diploma or SPM.Take note that the earliest examination date for becoming a consultant normally is one and a half month from the date we submit the application.


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